Ducati Warranty FAQs

Heres a list of FAQ's regarding Ducati Maintenance & Warranty.

1. In the event of damage, does the Ducati warranty also cover haulage costs to an authorized dealer?  TOP
Yes, but it is limited to countries where the Ducati Card Breakdown Service is offered.

2. Is the Ducati warranty valid for all authorized dealers? TOP
Yes. Our official world network is available to carry out replacements and/or repairs during the warranty cover period.

3. Can unauthorized dealers also carry out assistance services under warranty? TOP

4. What damages are covered by the warranty? TOP
All those deriving from verified manufacturing defects.

5. How should I inform you of a change of address?  TOP
Sending a fax to Customer Services on (++39)-051- 6413268

6. Is warranty cover also valid outside my country? TOP
Yes, it is valid worldwide.

7. Are warranty check-ups free of charge? TOP
The cost of the three compulsory check-ups to be carried out during the warranty period are exclusively charged to the customer. 

8. Do the warranty check-ups need to be carried out by the dealer from where I purchased the motorcycle? TOP

9. Am I allowed to service the bike "DIY"? TOP
To maintain warranty rights, only the indicated operations in the usage and maintenance logbook are permitted. 

10. Can warranty coverage be transferred to a new owner? How can the new owner be recognised?  TOP
The validity of the warranty cover period does not depend on the number of successive owners. On each occurrence, the "First Change of Ownership" form to be found in the Warranty Booklet must be completed and sent to the following fax number at Customer Services (+39)-051- 6413268.

11. Can spare parts be directly purchased from Ducati? TOP
No. Spare parts can be purchased exclusively through the sales network. 

12. I would like a duplicate ignition key. Is it possible to purchase an original key? TOP
Yes, you can purchase a master key (neutral) that must be subsequently processed in order to obtain the same profile as the original. 

13. How many bikes have been produced identical to my model? Contact Us TOP

14. What must I do to obtain a duplicate of the Manufacturer's Certificate? TOP
Send a written request by fax to Customer Services on (++39)-051- 6413268. 

15. Where are the chassis and engine registration numbers stamped? TOP
The chassis registration number is impressed on the right side of the steering sleeve, whereas that of the engine is to the lower left of the crankcase. 

16. How can I contact Customer Services? TOP
Click Here

17. From the moment Ducati receives my order, how long does it take before the part is dispatched? TOP
When urgent orders are received before 13.00, the part is dispatched on the same day. For normal orders (or stock), the part is dispatched within 24 hours following receipt. 

18. Where are Ducati spare parts dispatched from? TOP
The World Centre for Ducati Spare Parts in Modena, run by our partner Saima-Avandero, forward our original spare parts, accessories and clothing range to worldwide destinations. Another two logistics centres locally serve the United States and Japan.

19. Can I use unleaded fuel on my Ducati model? TOP
All 4-valve Ducatis can be run with unleaded fuel, whereas for 2-valves engines it depends on the Model Year.

20. I need to touch up the paintwork of my red Ducati. How do I find the color code? TOP
The paints used on our bikes are available through the sales network of the manufacturer, an US-based company named PPG.
Below are the PPG codes for the colors used on the last few Model Years.

PPG Metallic Black 291.500
PPG Ducati Red 473.101
PPG Ducati Yellow 473.201
PPG Metallic Grey 291.601
PPG Ducati Metallic Blue 291.800

21. Which models have been produced in the largest number of units? TOP
Over the last few years, the Monster has been ranking first among all other models in terms of units produced. It is followed by the Hypersport 916/748's, only just renamed 996/748 Superbike, by the SS 900/750's and the ST2/ST4's. 

22. I lost my Warranty Booklet, how can I get a copy? TOP
Please contact a Ducati Store or your local official Dealer to obtain a free copy of the Warranty Booklet. 

23. Is the Parts Catalogue for my Ducati available to buy? TOP
Yes. You may order and purchase it from Ducati Manchester Store. The Parts Catalogues are only available on microfiches, and you will need a viewer to consult them. Or you may easily obtain an adequately magnified paper printout. 

24. How much is a piston for my 996? TOP
You may obtain pricing information on original spare parts from any Ducati Store or official Dealer. 

25. Is a warranty period extension available after due payment?  TOP

26. What is the average engine oil consumption of my Ducati? TOP
Models from recent Model Years will use 0.2÷0.4 engine oil per 1000 Km on average. 900M and 900SS models manufactured up to 1997 will use 0.3÷0.5. Obviously, average consumption is calculated assuming normal usage and full compliance with the recommended preventive maintenance schedule.

27. Are original spare parts covered by warranty? TOP
Yes. Ducati SpA warrants all original Ducati spare parts for twelve months after installation, provided that the parts have been installed by an authorized Dealer.

28. How can I determine whether my Ducati has received proper servicing/repair under all recall and update campaigns? TOP
You may obtain this information from the Service Manager of our subsidiary or distributor in your country.

29. I am not happy with the repair job done by the authorized Dealer I contacted. What can I do to solve the problems with my bike? TOP
Please contact the Service Manager of our subsidiary or distributor in your country.

30. I own a Monster 600 and received a letter from Ducati about a recall campaign that includes my motorcycle. What should I do?  TOP
Please contact the Ducati Store or local official Dealer nearest you.

31. What are the maintenance periods applicable to my Ducati? TOP
A maintenance chart giving details of the preventive maintenance schedule is included in the Warranty/Pre-delivery Booklet (same for all models), in each Owner's Manual and in the Workshop Manuals.

32. What's the difference between safety, function-related and brand image recall campaigns? TOP
Basically, recall campaigns are corrective actions taken by the manufacturer to correct any failures, malfunctioning or defects on units sold, i.e. already in the field. A safety recall campaign aims to remove technical problems that may affect rider safety. A function-related recall campaign originates from technical problems that may inhibit motorcycle operation, however without affecting rider and passenger safety. A brand-image recall campaign relates to technical problems that do not affect either motorcycle operation or safety.

33. When I need to change the tires, should I use the same brand? TOP
Normally, brands other than the original equipment are allowed as long as the tires are the same size as those mentioned in the log book. In some countries (Germany, for example), local legislation only allows use of the tires specified in the registration paper. 

34. How can I get the Owner's manuals for discontinued models? TOP
Please send a written request to this address: 

Customer Service Ducati Motor Spa Via C. Ducati, 3 40132 Bologna, Italy 

You will receive a photocopy of the requested manual at your address free of charge. 

35. How would you recommend I prepare my motorcycle for "winter storage"?  TOP
We recommend cleaning the motorcycle, disconnecting battery cables, draining all fuel from the tank, pouring just enough engine oil into the spark plugs threaded holes to spread a thin layer of oil on the cylinder inner walls. The motorcycle should be parked with the wheels off the ground and covered with the suitable canvas that will let condensation escape. While the motorcycle is left unused, battery charge should be ensured at regular intervals.

36. I am the new owner of this motorcycle and would like to know how to send in my change of title notification. TOP
Please send the "First change of title" slip included in the Warranty Booklet duly filled in to the Customer Service fax number:
(++39)-051- 6413268

37. Does Ducati offer a road service?  TOP
Yes. The owners of motorcycles registered in Italy from 1998 onward have free access to Ducati Card road assistance for the duration of the warranty period.
The toll-free number for Italy is 800271067 and operates 24 hours a day all year round.
Ducati Roadside Assistance in the USA and Canada will cover Ducati motorcycles retailed after October 1, 2001.
The "Ducati Card Assistance" 24 hour toll free phone number for the USA and Canada is: 800-234-1353.
Toll-free numbers are in operation in other countries as well.
AUSTRIA 01/31670818
GERMANY 089/50070182
SPAIN 0902/172017
PORTUGAL 021/3102443
SWEDEN 08/58771726
SWISSE 022/8199710
BELGIUM 02/5525249
FRANCE 01/55922551
HOLLAND 020/5740557
UK 01372/366831
GREECE 01/9424214
ITALY 800/271067
USA & Canada 800-234-1353
JAPAN 0120-200-612
38. I have changed and added several parts to my Ducati (tires are a different size from standard, carbon silencers, and an additional front brake disc) and I am afraid my motorcycle may no longer be street legal. What do you suggest?  TOP

We advise You in any case to respect all local laws when modifying your bike and recommend you contact the competent local authority to ascertain whether any modifications You've made are legal. Our Service Manager is also available to give you such information.

39.  All our Used Motorcycles come with a 3 month warranty.  The warranty is only valid at Ducati Mancherster and you will have to arrange to get the motorcycle to ourselves where we will be happy to carry out any work - the warranty does not include and wear and tear items. i.e tyres, clutch etc.