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Multistrada V4 RS New for 2024

Unveiled at World Ducati Premiere in October 2024, the V4 RS promises to be the sportiest Multistrada V4 ever - available at Ducati Manchester Group.

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Unlimited exclusivity: Multistrada V4 RS has arrived

It's the most racing DNA-infused Multistrada. It's the newcomer in the Multistrada family. Desmodromic engine, dry clutch, and exclusivity in every tiny detail. The Multistrada V4 RS, produced in a numbered series, is an uncompromising motorcycle, an expression of Ducati's most exclusive sportiness.

Multistrada V4 RS photo

Choose It All: The luxury of not having to choose

On the track in search of adrenaline or on the road: whatever your destination, the Multistrada V4 RS will elevate your Multistrada experience to a new dimension of exclusivity.

At the heart of the Multistrada V4 RS lies the Desmosedici Stradale, with dry clutch and desmodromic valve timing: an engine born for the track, ensuring top-notch performance.

The motorcycle available at Ducati Manchester Group from January 2024 in a single configuration, which includes front and rear radar as standard. The motorcycle is available in the exclusive Iceberg White livery.

Multistrada V4 RS Colours

For 2024 the Multistrada V4 RS is available in 1 dedicated Iceberg White RS livery

Multistrada V4 RS photo

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Multistrada V4 RS - Tech Specs

DISPLACEMENT - 1,103 cc (67 cu in)
POWER - 132 kW (180 hp) @ 12,250 rpm
TORQUE - 118 Nm (12.0 kgm) @ 9,500 rpm
MAINTENANCE SERVICE INTERVALS - 15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 12 months
VALVE CLEARANCE CHECK - 30,000 km (18,000 miles)
WARRANTY 48 months, unlimited mileage


Riding Mode, Power Mode, ABS Cornering, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, Daytime Running Light, Ducati Cornering Light, Ducati Brake Light, Vehicle Hold Control, Radar system (Adaptive Cruise Control + Blind Spot Detection)

Multistrada V4 RS photo

The new Multistrada V4 RS is a no compromise motorcycle, an expression of the most sophisticated Ducati sports attitude.


Lightweight and high-performance, it offers exhilarating sports riding feeling thanks to the Desmosedici Stradale engine, dry clutch, and sophisticated, race-derived technologies and components.


From the titanium subframe to the sports-oriented tail section, from the livery to the prestige components, every detail showcases its personality, aesthetics, and unique performance.


All the thrill of Desmo, all the pleasure of Multistrada. With radar technology and side cases available as an accessory, the Multistrada V4 RS is for those who accept no compromise.

Multistrada V4 RS photo

Multistrada V4 RS Availability & Pricing

New V4 RS Multistrada available at Ducati Manchester Group

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Video of the Multistrada V4 RS

Multistrada V4 RS Features

Electronic riding aid systems for Safety, comfort, and performance

Many of the electronic systems that are now standard on motorbikes were pioneered by Ducati, which has earned a place among the most advanced companies in the sector. Safety, comfort and performance improved thanks to the continuous improvement.

ABS Cornering

An anti-lock braking system is a safety system that prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking during heavy braking. Essentially, the ABS regulates the braking pressure on the wheel, allowing it to continuously have traction on the riding surface. There are different ABS intervention levels, depending on the selected Riding Mode.

Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

The BSD (Blind Spot Detection) system signals vehicles that are in the blind spot of vision via the LEDs positioned on the rear-view mirrors, illuminating the one positioned on the side where it detects the presence of a vehicle. The BSD also signals the approaching from behind of vehicles at high speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Adaptive cruise control, also known by the acronym ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), is an electronic control system that adjusts the speed of the vehicle while automatically maintaining a safe distance (selectable on four levels) from the vehicles in front. This makes it possible to ride at a constant speed on a motorway, for example, without twisting the throttle.

Ducati Brake light (DBL)

In the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to alert the following vehicles, a solution that further improves rider’s safety.

Öhlins Smart EC

Semi-active Ohlins suspension, mounted on the sportiest models in the Ducati range starting from the 1299 Panigale, based on the Öhlins Smart EC system.

Ducati Quick Shifter (DQS)

Electronic system derived from racing that allows you to change gears without using the clutch and without closing the throttle when shifting to a higher gear.

Daytime Running Light (DRL)

These are the daytime running lights that are used to comply with the obligation to use dipped headlights during the day.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)

Traction control is a system that prevents (or limits) spin of the rear wheel under acceleration. Gently manages engine clearance recovery, modulating the torque delivered and avoiding the peak that can occur when clearance recovery is complete, so as to make it even easier and more predictable. acceleration out of corners.

Ducati wheelie control (DWC)

System that controls the wheelie and allows you to achieve maximum acceleration performance with ease and safety.

Engine Brake Control (EBC)

The EBC helps riders to optimize the stability of the bike in extreme cornering conditions, balancing the forces to which the rear tire is subjected in conditions of intensive application of the engine brake.

Ride-by-Wire system

Also known as electronic accelerator, it is a system that electronically manages the opening and closing of the throttle (s).

Vehicle Hold Control (VHC)

Allows easier uphill starts even with a passenger and fully loaded bike. When the brake lever is pulled firmly, the system holds the vehicle stationary by activating the rear brake for several seconds until further acceleration or braking takes place. Easy to use, it ensures optimal bike control and maximum safety.

Ducati Cornering Light (DCL)

LED lights that turn on in the direction of the road, according to a defined lean angle when the bike is facing a curve, allowing the rider to better see the road

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V4 RS 170 hp (116.2 kW) Ducati Red or Aviator Grey (spoked or alloy wheels) £call
V4 RS Sport 170 hp (116.2 kW) Sport Livery (spoked or alloy wheels) £call

The Multistrada V4 RS at Ducati Manchester

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